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Fire Department

Fife Lake Township is a member of Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department which is made of a consortium of eight townships in Grand Traverse and Springfield Township from Kalkaska County.

Battalion 6 fire safety coverage area includes all of Fife Lake Township and the southern half of Union Township in Grand Traverse County. Battalion 6 also covers all of Springfield Township Kalkaska County, the only township outside of Grand Traverse County that is a member of Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department.

Battalion 6 has active mutual aid agreements with all surrounding townships and an automatic aid agreement with Garfield Township, Kalkaska County. Battalion 6 responds into Kalkaska County as well as the northern portions of Missaukee and Wexford counties through mutual aid agreements.

Battalion 6 is a volunteer fire department made up of 7 fire fighters trained at Firefighter I & II levels. Most have Medical First Responder or EMT-B certification.

The station is dispatched by Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch using CAD dispatching to radio receivers carried by the volunteers. All members have pager and two way radio communication with the dispatch center.

Battalion 6 responded to more than 100 emergency calls in 2010. It is located at 134 Morgan St., Fife Lake, MI 49633 as part of the Fife Lake Township Hall complex.

Equipment within the station for Battalion 6 consists of:

The fire department is under the guidance of Acting Captain Kent Fritz. Staff in NON-EMERGENCY calls can be reached at 231 879-4009. For EMERGENCY calls dial 911.