Fife Lake Township

OfficeNameOffice NumberAlternate NumberE-mail
Supervisor Gerianne Street 231 879-3963 231 499-7685 (C)
Clerk Leigh Ann Gifford 231 879-3963
Treasurer Cathy Sorrow 231 879-3963 231 879-4656 (H)
Trustee Dawn Zimmerman 231 879-3963
Trustee Nicole Gibson 231 879-3963  231 342-2015(C)

Individual office duties may be viewed by clicking the links to the various offices in the table above.

The governmental body of Fife Lake Township is comprised of five (5) members elected by the public. The positions of the elected body are Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and two Trustees. Each individual is elected to a four (4) year term of office during the regular election process however, an individual may be appointed to fill a vacancy on the board and then serves in that appointed capacity until the next regularly scheduled election of board members. A quorum of the board is represented by three (3) members in attendance to discuss business before the board at regular or special meetings.

Each board member has separate duties as described in statute by the State of Michigan Legislature. The Supervisor may, while the Clerk and Treasurer must, appoint a deputy for their office functions. Fife Lake Township currently has deputies serving for the Clerk and Treasurer.

Local issues between the individual resident and county or state government are generally serviced by the township level of government.

Regular meetings of the board are held once per month beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday for the months of January through October and the third Thursday of the month for November and December to not conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Special meetings of the board are called as needed by either the Supervisor or two members of the board making a joint request for a special meeting. All regular and special meetings are posted to the public to comply with the Open Meetings Act requirements of law.

General elections, school elections, special elections are conducted through the township office of the Clerk. Taxing and assessing duties are handled through the Assessor's office. Building permits and inspections are via the Building & Zoning Administrator's office. Budget preparation is within the Supervisor's office while the fiscal operations are conducted via the Treasurer's and Clerk's offices.

Assessment and property values are a function of the Assessor's Office.

Taxation of property based on the assessor's taxable values is a function of the Treasurer.

The public has access to the building per the event calendar coordinated via the Clerk's office.