Fife Lake Township

The perpetual care fund is set up within the Fife Lake Township budgeting process to provide a fund specifically designated for the care and maintenance of the total cemetery needs versus the care of individual plots within the cemetery. Two such funds are set up within the budget, one for each cemetery, known as the Fife Lake Township Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund and the other known as the Walton Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund.

Any funding received specifically for either of the above funds will only be expended for that designated cemetery perpetual care. Donors will be provided a signed receipt to be utilized as a tax receipt for the individual donor's use.

The cemetery board shall advise the township board on the expenditure of the designated funds. Said expenditures will be approved via the normal township board approved expenditures at a regular meeting of the board.

Further questions or suggestions can be through the office of the clerk and/or supervisor relative to the perpetual care fund process.

To make a donation to the cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, please download the Donor Information Sheet below and take it to the Township Clerk after filling it out.

Adobe Reader File Donor Information Sheet in PDF format.

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