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John getting the myrtle to the Hayes Manufacturing workers for transplanting.  The two bosses may not look like they are working hard, but John had them digging up the myrtle and they were sweating at 9:30 a.m.!


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They did a great job for our community - give them a thank you when you see them!


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Fall 2018:  Sexton John Kelley and volunteers Lisa Plamondon and Cecil are in the process of finding the grave markers in preparation for the long awaited radar imaging of our grave sites.  This process tells us where burials have taken place and where we have empty lots.  Lisa is also taking pictures for "Find A Grave".  Lisa said "I love how clean and well kept the stones are at Fife Lake. It is a beautiful cemetery and we want to help."  Special thanks to the cemetery committee and former Sexton Kelley for taking care of our cemeteries and to ensure continual respect for our departed loved ones.

Lisa P. shared this history in our cemetery.  Charles and William Bence were killed in a train accident.  John and William Gilde, ages about 8 and 12 years, went out rabbit hunting in December of 1921 and got lost in a blizzard. The whole town searched for them and found them frozen to death two days later.  Their faithful hunting dogs were standing guard and kept the search party at bay for half an hour.  Possibly they were buried in one grave as Lisa cannot find a stone for William.

We are lucky to have these recent volunteers at our local cemetery.

Contact current Cemetery Sexton Lisa Plamondon, 231-499-1578, for information on burial plots and general cemetery information.


Fife Lake Township has a Cemetery Committee to advise the township board on cemetery maintenance and improvements.  Members are:  Chair Anna Love, Betty Ingersoll, Marie Voice, Jim Gifford, Debbie Rodriguez and Carol Rafail. This committee was established when Jack Rawlings was township supervisor in the early 1990s.  This committee has been extremely useful towards improving our cemeteries and updating our ordinance language.

 Please take note as you pass the west side of the Fife Lake Cemetery that we have made several improvements including a building to store our equipment, clearing of a parking area plus benches overlooking the marsh area where many birds can be viewed, benches will be installed in the Spring.  Thank you to Joshia Lobur for his part (some of which was donated) in constructing the fence and benches, some was done from trees on site.  A new retaining wall was built by Tom Flood, this was needed to replace the deteriorating wood wall.  Also, the very west portion of the cemetery gravesites has had new soil, lime, etc. added which has resulted in a beautiful green lawn.  This has undoubtedly been the most neglected area of this cemetery.  We thank  John Kelley and Kate O'Hara for their diligence to see that many improvements have taken place.  

Fife Lake Township has two cemeteries that the township board has operational control over their respective operation and maintenance.  Through the years, the cemetery committee members have continually advised the township board..

The Fife Lake Cemetery is located across the street from the Fife Lake Elementary School.   Within the boundaries of the 22.41 acre Fife Lake Cemetery lay many individual and family plots with a large area yet to be developed for cemetery internment spaces on the North side of the existing plotted area.  To the West is a natural bog that is part of the cemetery area, but will not be used as a plotted area in future land usages for cemetery planning.

Many of the older plots within the Fife Lake Cemetery represent some of the first area settlers final resting places.  Our cemetery planning board is actively working to preserve these older sites.

The Walton Cemetery off Elliott Road near Walton Junction in the southern portion of Fife Lake Township is the second cemetery under the control of the township board.  It is an area of 4.04 acres in which the existing plots for individuals and families exist.  Walton Cemetery also has room for expansion as needed to meet the needs of our residents.

Both cemeteries are working toward a perpetual care fund that will provide long term funding for care and maintenance of the overall land areas of each respective cemetery.

For cemetery fees, please refer to Chapter 101.003 in the General Law Ordinances.

For general information, please refer to Chapter 102 - Township Cemetery in the General Law Ordinances.

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