Fife Lake Township

The Township Master Plan is a direct result of the work of our Planning Commission. It is a work in progress showing that our township land use needs are continually changing over time. The Master Plan provides information relative to physical and societal features, community facilities, existing land uses, safe public traffic planning and economic trends within the township.

It can be utilized to provide guidance to individuals and local units of government when making future zoning and land development decisions such as housing development, agricultural uses, open spaces, forested area preservation, street and road layouts to name just a few concepts covered by the Master Plan.

The State of Michigan requires a review and update to Master Plans every five years. Our Planning Commission started their review in 2010 and has just completed their review and update in 2011. The formal hearing for the public to view the Master Plan is scheduled for May of 2011.

The link below contains the Fife Lake Township Master Plan as adopted in January, 2000, amended in 2003, reviewed in 2007 and amended in 2011.

Adobe Reader File Fife Lake Township Master Plan in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the file. It is available for free here:

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