Fife Lake Township

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From Deputy Meiers,

Do you own a home in Fife Lake Township or in Fife Lake Village?  Are you a seasonal resident?  If you answered yes to both questions and would like me to keep an eye on your place while you are basking in the sunshine for winter, then stop by the township office at 134 Morgan Street, Fife Lake.  Fill our a property check request and I can keep an eye on your place while you are gone.  Please keep in mind, I do not have a snowmobile or even snowshoes, so if you live on a seasonal road or you have a driveway that is extremely long, I will keep an eye on your place from a distance.  Fill out the sheet in it's entirety and I will stop by every couple of weeks.  Any questions about this service, feel free to give me a call at 879-5302.  

Deputy Eric Meiers
Grand Travere County Sheriff's Office
851 Woodmere Avenue
Travere City, MI  49686
JOB TITLE: Community Police Officer
NAME: Eric Meyers
JOB FUNCTIONS: Contracted Deputy Sheriff
REPORTS TO: Township Board as contracted Grand Traverse Deputy Sheriff
OFFICE HOURS: 40 hours per week - variable schedule

  Deputy Eric Meiers is our Deputy, he is a resident of Fife Lake Township.

My name is Deputy Eric Meiers and I work for the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.  I have been employed with the department for 5 years.  During my career I’ve held several roles within the department.  

            If you would like to get in contact with me, you can leave a voicemail at the sheriff’s office at 231-995-5000, leave a message at the Fife Lake Township office at or email me at  Of course if it’s an emergency, please call 911.

Thank you,

Deputy Eric Meiers


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