Fife Lake Township




134 Morgan Street, Fife Lake, MI 49633       231-879-4009

For Emergencies, Call 911!

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Or visit the main office @ 2266 E. M113, Kingsley, MI, 49649

Chief: Ken Fritz          Captain:           Lieutenant: Kelly Stiner

            Fife Lake Township is a member of Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department which consists of 3 stations, covering 4 townships in Grand Traverse and Springfield Township from Kalkaska County.

~Our Area~

  • Fife Lake Township
  • The southern half of Union Township
  • Springfield Township in Kalkaska County, the only township outside of Grand Traverse County that is a member of the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department.

Station 6 has active mutual aid agreements with all surrounding townships.


Station 6 is a paid-on-call fire department. Active members have the following credentials: Firefighter I & II, Vehicle Extrication & Advanced Stabilization, Emergency Driving, Emergency Medical Responder.

Calls for service are received from Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch using CAD dispatching to 800 MHz two-way radios or pagers carried by the members.

~Our Fleet~

  • Engine 6: 2011 Spencer/Spartan custom rescue engine ~ Used for fire suppression, vehicle extrication, medical emergency responses, hazard responses (trees in the roadway, power lines down, etc.)
  • Brush 6: 2006 Chevrolet 4 X 4 1-ton pickup ~ Used for wildfire suppression and responding to hazards (trees in the roadway, power lines down, etc.)
  • Tanker 6: 2001 Chevrolet water tanker ~ Used to haul water to rural areas for fire suppression
  • Water Supply 6: 1992 Ford F350 Water Supply Truck ~ Used to pull water from lakes, rivers, or hydrants to quickly supply water to firefighting apparatus.
  • Squad 6: 2009 Ford Expedition, used as a transport vehicle for personnel
  • Kabota 6: Used for search & rescue, forest fire operations, and emergencies on ORV/off-road trails that emergency vehicles cannot access.
  • Marine 6: Aluminum rescue boat with a 9.9 horsepower gasoline motor equipped with water/ice rescue gear
  • Snowmobile 6: Accompanied with a rescue sled, used for responding to emergencies on snowmobile trails or where winter weather hinders access by emergency vehicles (Rescue sled purchased, in part, by the Grand Traverse Snowmobile Council for use by Station 6)