Fife Lake Township

Phone Number:1-231-879-4009   Facebook:

 Medical Director: Robert Melancon



Fife Lake Area EMS is a Basic Life Support (BLS) Agency that provides emergency medical services to community members in Springfield Township (Kalkaska County), Fife Lake Township, and a major portion of Union Township.

Our roster of highly trained personnel includes 4 full-time employees and 8 volunteer “pool position” employees.

2 employees are staffed at the station 7 days a week with the following shifts:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 am to 6:00 PM

After hours shifts are volunteer, available to any members on the roster.

Fife Lake Area EMS handles approximately 300 emergency calls per year.

Calls for service are received and dispatched by Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch using the CAD Priority Medical dispatch system. EMS members receive calls by pager via two-way radio communication.

The unit operates special medical programs and uses ALS agencies on an intercept basis.



                      2013 Ford / Road Rescue Ambulance (6A)                                                         

                      2006 Chevrolet / Lifeline ambulance (6A2)

On top of the basic medical supplies needed, our ambulances are equipped with: 

                    STRYKER cots, 1 per ambulance

                    STRYKER stair chairs, 1 per ambulance

                    Electronic reporting capabilities via Panasonic Tough Book laptop computers and wireless printers mounted in each truck, using IMAGE TREND software and reporting/storage system.

The “primary” ambulance is also equipped with a Lucas 2 CPR machine and a ReadyLink 12 lead ECG.



(As of September 2016)

Flat Rate         $900.00

Mileage           $25.00 per “loaded” mile*

*Loaded mile applies to any mileage traveled with a patient in the EMS unit



~ A maze of lakes and streams that provide year round outdoor recreation opportunities.

~  A vast area of public land for snowmobiles, ATV trails, and foot trails.

~  A system of major state and federal highways bringing tourism to our area continuously.



Fife Lake Area EMS is operated by the Fife Lake Area Ambulance Authority, made up of Springfield Township (Kalkaska County) and Fife Lake Township (Grand Traverse County) via a local intergovernmental agreement between the two entities. The Ambulance Authority Board consists of 2 members from each township board that meet monthly to conduct the business of the EMS unit. Each township operates jointly with voter supported millages for the operational costs of the agency.

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