Fife Lake Township

Within Fife Lake Township the Zoning enforcement duties are the responsibility of the Zoning Administrator..

As part of these duties in the zoning department the  Zoning Administrator advises the Township Planning Commission in their role and function as planners for the Township Master Plan and Zoning Ordinances.

The Z.A. serves as the township official that completes follow-up inspections/reviews of complaints that may be in violation of the Zoning Ordinances or Master Plan. In this capacity of investigation, he may notify violators with a notice to comply or if required, a civil infraction recommendation, if the violator fails to comply with the notice of requested compliance.

The following forms are used when applying for a zoning permit or variance.


Adobe Reader File Planning Commission Change Request in PDF format.

Adobe Reader File Zoning Application in PDF format.

Adobe Reader File Zoning Permit in PDF format.

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