Fife Lake Township

Please Take Notice

The Fife Lake Area Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing,at the regular scheduled meeting November 12, 2019 Starting at 6:30 pm at the Fife Lake Township Hall, 134 Morgan Street.  Public Hearing in regards ameding the Fife Lake Township Zoning Ordinance.

The Township Planning Commission is appointed by the township Board under the authority of the Township Planning Act, Public Act 168 of 1959 MCL 125.321, et seq.

The Township Board created the Planning Commission by resolution and under the Township Zoning Act, Public Act 184 of 1943, MCL 127.271, et seq, the Township Board passed the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Zoning Board to the Planning Commission.

The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Public Act 110 of 2006 and Public Act 012 of 2008 repealed many of the former Acts, including 168 and 184 to provide updated working documents for Michigan Townships to utilize in their Planning and Zoning processes.

Membership of the Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members who are qualified township electors. One member of the five must also be a member of the elected Township Board. The township Supervisor appoints the membership of the Planning Commission, with approval of the Township Board. The township Supervisor may also remove members of the Planning Commission after a hearing, with approval of the Township Board. Generally appointment terms to the Planning Commission are for a three year period in a staggered rotation so not all member's terms are expiring within the same year. Members may receive compensation as set by the Township Board.

Members of the Planning Commission elect among themselves a Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Secretary. These leadership appointments are for one year term, but can be renewed at the discretion of the Planning Commission membership.

The Planning Commission has a minimum of four (4) mandatory regular meetings per fiscal year per MCL 125.325. the Chairperson may call a special meeting by making a written request to the Secretary. All meetings must comply with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

The basic function of the Planning Commission is to make and adopt a plan for the township's land use development. The Commission must hold at least one (1) public hearing before it adopts any portion of a plan. The final approval of any plan created by the Planning Commission must be presented to the Township Board for final approval.

The Fife Lake Township Planning Commission current members are:
Marcia Eby Chairperson 231 879-3963

Pam Lawrence

Chrissy Ingersoll

Vice Chairperson

Secretary, At Large Member

231 879-3963


Mary Kelly Member/ Village Representative 231 879-3963
Dawn Zimmerman Member/Township Representative 231 879-3963

David McGough

Brenda Wyatt

Member/Village Representative

Member/Township Representative

231 879-3963